Work Upon Arrival

Discover the stories of six shmata workers, as told in their own words. A guide to Jewish immigrant labour and the garment industry in early 20th century Montreal.

HEADPHONE ALERT: The oral histories you are about to hear were recorded on audio cassette in the 1970s. The audio may be difficult to hear at times so we suggest you listen with headphones or speakers.

Hyman Leibovitch - Midway Photo Play
1229 St-Laurent
1914 - 1914
Jennie Zelda Litvack - L. Holstein & Company
1475 Bleury
1925 - 1926
Rose Esterson - ILGWU
395-397 Ste-Catherine O.
1933 - 1954
Sidney Sarkin - Sam Hart & Company
437 Mayor
1925 - 1925
Ena Ship - Jacobs Building
460 Ste-Catherine O.
1934 - 1934
Norman Massey - Parkley Clothes
372 Ste-Catherine O.
1937 - 1941

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Work Upon Arrival was produced by the Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal under the direction of Zev Moses, Director and Stephanie Tara Schwartz, Research Director.

Based on interviews collected in I Have a Story to Tell You edited by Seemah C. Berson, published by Wilfrid Laurier Press (2010).

Curator and writer: Sarah Woolf

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Music: “Smog et Mardi Gras” written by Sam Caron, performed by D’Harmo.

Photos courtesy of: Wilfrid Laurier University Press and Seemah C. Berson, Jewish Public Library Archives, Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives, Esther Frank, Marilyn Vasilkioti, Michael Goldstein, Shirlee Nickless and Saul Ship, The Lehman Family descendents, Faigie Coodin, Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Quèbec, Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec, Kheel Center, McCord Museum and the Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal.

Special thanks to: Betty Averbach Foundation, Seemah C. Berson, Rhonda Lehman, Faigie Coodin, Michael Goldstein, Shirlee Nickless and Saul Ship, Esther Frank, Sheldon Posen and Jonathan Wise at the Canadian Museum of Civilization The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal.

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